Believe In Yourself, Forget Everyone Else

To achieve greater success, you must believe in yourself! You must let go of the opinions of others and find the greatness that lies within you.​,-Forget-Everyone-Else&id=8066537​

Nadine is a native of her home town Washington, DC whose lifelong dream is to have a successful Beauty and Personal Care company that promote beauty as an experience to inspire you. Holding on to the vision of her dream with continued efforts sometimes destitute she managed to fulfill other modest goals most women set out to achieve in their life time.  She is an accomplished professional in the field of Office and Staff Support from Administrative to Executive Assisting, Licensed Cosmetologist Manager, a mother and home owner living comfortably in her home town with two sons. She enjoys networking, music and reading, learning internet marketing and would jump at the chance to travel. Nadine is the kind of person who love to reinvent herself and try new things within reason.  

​Nadine’s insight the path may change while the dream remain the same is what keeps her motivated. She takes Beauty and Personal Care literally believing an individuals state of health and happiness is seen and projected from inside and out.  She admires the enormous success and longevity of the major beauty brands before her like Estee Lauder, Avon, Mac, and Fashion Fair companies just to name a few and she would one day like to create success in her own unique right as a next generation New Beauty Brand online.  Interested in experiencing what happens behind the scenes to establish a beauty company Nadine is eager to take on challenges to make her affordable quality "Classic Skin Care" products a popular beauty brand.  She is confident in her skin care line because her manufacturer has been around for over 50 years and has proven to sustain in the beauty and cosmetic industries.

Nadine spends a lot of time researching and collecting data about the Beauty and Personal Care industry. GCI (Global Cosmetic Industry) and American Spa are her favorite magazines to find beauty information. She believes Social Media Networks provide  upcoming beauty brands and entreprenuers of any kind with a reservoir of resources and connections to people in many industries you would not ordinarily have at your disposal.  In fact she said "the coming of Technology make it possible to share her similar interest and ideas by offering a gateway to find and create opportunities abroad".  Nadine is actively seeking to establish a relationship with a potential partner or venture capital group interested in her brand that can take it from current manufactured phase to the marketplace through Licensing. 

​Currently she is building a successful Internet presence for N C LeGrand Personal Care as an online business. Nadine has always desired to sell beauty products to enhance the beauty of women.  She continues to stay focused to fulfill her dream.


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